San esteban was the first cooperative winery built in La Rioja (1953) and was composed of 16 members at that time. A modest modernization of the facilities started in the 80s by incorporating stainless steel tanks, and in 2000 a major expansion was approved, with the latest technology in terms of production and bottling.


The origin of the grapes is exclusively from our own vineyards, the oldest of which date from 1900 and only vinified are grapes from the 550 hectares of area we own.

The Town



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 A municipality with 1850 inhabitants located at the confluence of Jubera and Leza rivers, the latter a tributary of Ebro river. Located at 407 meters of altitude and 14 kilometers far from Logroño.


Placed at the threshold making way to three areas of great interest in Rioja: upstream, the Leza takes us to Camero Nuevo; heading for Ventas Blancas we would reach the “Alpujarras Riojanas” area (Santa Cecilia or Bucesta) and, (quita coma) finally, Ocón Valley.


Interesting to walk through the streets to understand its evolution. Besides it is a must to visite the church dedicated to Saint Stephen, a site of historical and artistic interest since 1979.