Bodegas San Esteban was the first cooperative winery built in La Rioja (1953) and was composed of 16 members at that time.

A modernization of the facilities started in the 80s by incorporating stainless steel tanks. In 2000 a major expansion was approved, with the latest technology in terms of production and bottling.

The origin of the grapes is exclusively from our own vineyards. Our vineyard includes 550 hectares of old vines, the oldest is from 1900.

Located where the Jubera River meets the Leza River, our vineyards are planted on clay-ferrous soils at an altitude between 407 and 420 meters.

The Mediterranean climate has well distributed rainfall throughout the year. The result is the highest quality of grapes, whose production is naturally regulated by the natural water received by the plant





VIURA: It is the main white grape that we elaborate, the vineyards have an antiquity of more than 100 years with vines planted in 1900.


TEMPRANILLO: It is the predominant grape with the 90% of the production. The vines date back  to 1956. It is the queen variety of La Rioja necessary for the elaboration of fresh and aromatic young wines and unique to elaborate our deep and complex aged wines.


GARNACHA, MAZUELO and GRACIANO: These red native grape varieties make up the remaining 10%, adding color, elegance and originality to the Tempranillo makes as a result a unique wine in nose and mouth.



We have our vineyards which means that we are capable to elaborate the best wines.


The grapes which constitute the basis for our wines enter the winery at their optimum level of ripeness and under total oenological control.

There is meticulous expert supervision from technical staff in order to control the annual cycle of the vineyard. From pruning to treatments, each plot of vines is thoroughly monitored so to ensure that the final product is a top quality wine.


The continuous analytical process carried out at the foot of the vineyard determine the optimum point of maturity of the grape to help us to schedule the optimal date of harvest.